You can do more than drive fast. Learn to use VAN and identify Large Vessel Occlusions (LVOs)

What’s new in stroke care?


What is an LVO?


What is VAN?


Why is it unique?

A large vessel occlusion (LVO) is a type of ischemic stroke where the clot blocks one of the proximal, large arteries supplying blood to the brain.

Treatment for LVO is often, in addition to alteplase (tPA), clot retrieval by a Neurosurgeon, Neuro-Interventionalist or Interventional Radiologist at a Comprehensive Stroke Center.

VAN is a validated screening tool used to quickly detect an LVO.

VISION: Can they see in all directions?

APHASIA: Can they understand and produce language?

NEGLECT: Do they look to one side and ignore the other? Are eyes fixed in one direction?

Because VAN requires no scoring, it is short, simple and easy to use.

VAN helps get stroke patients to the proper care they need faster than traditional stroke screening tools.


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