Stroke Centers in ODEMSA

What are stroke centers?

Stroke centers are health care facilities that have met and received a recognized level of stroke capability. These levels are determined most commonly by the Joint Commission or the DNV-GL. Similar to trauma centers, these facilities must meet certain criteria to become a stroke center as well as maintain those criteria throughout the duration of certification.

What are the different kinds of stroke centers?

There are three different types of certification as a stroke center in ODEMSA, Acute Stroke Ready, Primary Stroke Center, and Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Acute Stroke Ready is the minimum certification available to facilities. This level holds that the facility has the resources to recognize and initiate care for stroke patients such as t-PA. These are usually seen in the free standing emergency departments.

Primary Stroke Center is the most common certification in the ODEMSA region. This level holds that the facility is not only capable of recognizing and initiating care for a stroke victim but also has the resources to care care of patients through the continuum of care. These are seen in most acute care facilities.

Comprehensive Stroke Center is the highest certification recognized. This level holds that the facility can provide the most advanced treatments for stroke through the continuum of care.

Hospital Stroke Services Chart

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